The Small Dot

by Anne T. Six

I was small, a tiny dark dot on a white wall, nothing to look at, no nothing at all.

What could there be that anyone could see, when there I was just a small dot me.

In came a person carrying as he came, an armful of materials and to my wall he came.

The eyes of this person stared at the wall he could see, and I was embarrassed, he didn't even see me.

Standing and looking he began to work, brush in hand. He started to paint my wall as if by some master plan.

Hours went by, and the smell of paint filled the room. His eyes seem to see something all around me.

When he was through, kneeling down by my wall, he gave praise to a King I didn't seem to know at all.

He picked up his things and left the room, when he closed the door, there for me to see was a mirror facing back at me.

Oh! Then I could see, and I thanked God for what he had made of me.

The painter, painted a picture of Jesus you see, yes painted this picture all around me.

And there on the face of Jesus, just below his eye, was me!

He had made me a tear on the face of Jesus for the entire world to see.

So don't be dismayed, at what you think yourself to be, for our Lord Jesus says, you're always a part of me.

by Anne T. Six
Gifted Spirit Communications

Published on  February 25th, 2020