Love Found a Way

How often we seem to misunderstand, the wisdom and wonder of God’s great plan.

We see a man on Calvary tortured and hung upon a tree, and yet we fail to see, it was God that hung there for you and me.

We get so caught up in our problems and pleasures we forget the wonder of God’s great treasures.

He who took upon him our sin, that was, that is and as yet has ever been, became the atonement for all our sin, the justice of the Father fell full force on him.

His righteousness He gave to us that way, cleaning and taking all the ugly sin away. He washed us in the Blood of the lamb.

Because in our selfishness, all we can see in every situation, is how it affects me.

I guess the mystery can only be revealed through the Spirit, and all we can do is pray, that His loving heart will allow us to hear it,

The voice that says for you child, | surrendered my life that day, no one had | not given it, could have taken it away.

I wanted to teach you, a love from above, that gave all of itself, just because it was love.

Anne T. Six
Gifted Spirit Communications

Published on  February 9th, 2022