The Observer: The Last Supper

by Anne T. Six

The table was set for the Passover meal, there was a long table, Jesus was sitting in the middle with his disciples on either side. They were all reclining, and Jesus stood up, the room became quiet as they waited for him to begin the Passover blessing. Around him seems to be a golden light and it seems to pulse with vibrations. I wonder if it is just me who sees and feels this. As I look at him I feel that slight vibration within myself.

Jesus takes In his hand a large loaf of round bread, he breaks of a piece and passes to the disciple next to him, each is watching him and hold their pieces as he did.

After all have received the bread, Jesus lifts his up, gives thanks, an now a deeper gold light comes from his piece of bread, and he speaks, “This is my body given for you, do his in remembrance of me”.

The disciples look at each other confused but do as he does.

Now he holds up the wine an gives thanks and this too has a deep golden glow, and says, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which will be shed for you.”

Then he says, “Someone at this take is about to betray Me.” Each disciple’s voice can be heard, “Is it I Lord?" Everyone along the table is concerned.

Peter whispers to John who is the nearest to Jesus, "Ask him who it is." Jesus says quietly, "He who dips in the dish with me." Just then Judas puts he hand In the dish with Jesus, and he says, “Is it I Lord?” and Jesus says, "You have said it, do what you must do quickly."

Since it was said in a low voice no one else heard. Judas gets up from the table and leaves. The scripture says “It was night” not only the darkness of night, but the darkness of his soul.

Because Judas was in charge of the finances the disciples just thought he was going to give, which he would have done at that time.

Anne T. Six
Gifted Spirit Communications

Published on  February 25th, 2020