Programmed to Love

In the quiet stillness of my inner self, I am at peace, for your peace is filling me.

In the newness of this new day, I have been given resurrection power to live, move, and have my being.

In the beginning was God, today in this beginning, there is God, the presence of the now.

My senses awaken, to You working new life into them.

It’s as if in a world of “stop”, someone has pushed the “go” button.

Your switch in me has been turned on to the “go” position, and I become activated to do your will.

Help me with the wisdom of your counsel, to know when to hit the delete button, to dump from my memory bank, that which does not enhance your program in me this day.

Help me with each activity, that I may enter, into the folder file made by you.

You write my program this day my love, create in me your images and designs, put my text together line upon line.

That when anyone today presses my buttons, they will get only your programming in me, on my life’s display.

Anne T. Six
Gifted Spirit Communications

Published on  February 9th, 2022